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Coronavirus Situation
Customer Advisory

The novel coronavirus situation in Canada and Ottawa is still evolving.
The teams at Stoneface Dolly's at Preston Street and Riverside South are keeping cleanliness and your health a top priority.
In the light of the most recent announcement of the arrival of cases in Ottawa and the WHO classification of Covid-19 as a pandemic, our priority lies with keeping you, your loved ones, and the immediate community safe.
At the restaurant, we hope you can find a place to enjoy some respite in your busy days that nourishes and rejuvenates. Here are our measures that will benefit both you and us.

Cleanliness, sanitization, and order are part of our daily routine. But we are taking the situation as a reminder to do better what we already do well.

What we do:
• We are reducing the number of tables in the dining room to provide more distance. We can always add another table if you need it.
• We are increasing frequency of our already in place practices sanitizing: bathrooms, handlebars on doors, doorknobs, and children's seats.
• We disinfect all tables and chair seat rims.
• We sanitize our visa handheld terminals, touch screens, and other electronics.
• For kids: We temporarily do not provide crayons or coloring books, which are both challenging to sanitize. Please bring your own.
• We provide individually wrapped hand-wipes. Just ask.

We are asking you to:
• If you are feeling unwell, please stay home.
• Please wash your hands with soap frequently throughout the day.
• As much as possible, avoid touching your face with your hands.
• Upon arrival at the restaurant, sanitize your hands at one of our stations at the entrance or back.
• Drink plenty of water.

At Stoneface Dolly's, we call our guest's family. We want you to have quality family and friend time while enjoying our from-scratch food safely. We have take-out options if you do not want to be in a public space until this passes.
We are monitoring the situation and will follow all instructions provided by Health Canada.

We are hoping to see you soon and stay healthy!

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Now Open!
We are pleased to announce a new location for Stoneface Dolly's in Riverside South. Please join us at our new location.